Lisp 2 Python?

Georg Mischler schorsch at
Sun Feb 6 09:07:06 EST 2000

Joel Lucsy wrote:
> Georg Mischler wrote:
> > Once we are here, the more interesting thing (and precondition
> > to the above for any useful applications) would be a Python
> > wrapper to ADS, and ultimately ARX. Yes, the latter looks like
> > gargantuan task, but some day someone will have to do it... ;)
> To start off just wrap the AutoLisp specific functions that deal
> with AutoCAD. Then throw in ARX wrappings.
> I'm just doing this(the conversion) as a side project. I'm am doing a
> project with Python, but would like to see the other programmers to
> use it as well. It would be easier to have to automatically converted
> to see a side by side comparison. I'd suspect it would still be
> rewritten once they'd get into, but it would be a starting point.


if you start writing ADS/ARX wrappers, please tell me, so we can
share some of the work. I know of other people who would be
interested in such a thing as well, and who'd also be capable
of contributing. I believe that we could get a core group of
programmers together that know enough about the matters involved
to be helpful and would all profit from the result. I will have
to implement a very basic connection between Autocad and Python
myself in the very near future, and the broader foundation that
gets the better. I always prefer general solutions to fast hacks,
but of course, it's all a matter of the effort involved to
solve a specific problem. If my needs can be solved better
with a combined attack, then that would definitively be the
preferred solution!


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