Corel + Borland = The End of MS Win

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Dear Dat,

> You are not happy with Borland's products? Neither am I!

Well we agree on that one. :)

> But being a 'Free Software Projects and Consulting', you should be more
> Linux-oriented than MSWin-oriented.

Actually I am. But Linux and free software is not exactly the same
identity. First there are is a lot of free software for proprietory
platforms (like most Unixs) and secondly there are other free
operating kernels/systems (like freedos,Hurd,openbsd).

As much as I want that software should be completely free, 
we should start replacing proprietory software were we can.
Python replaces various proprietory script and programming languages
on the Win32 platform. Why should I recommend something different
for people you are fixed on Win32?

This is why I objected. Python is very well suited for programming
and scripting tasks on Win32. And it might even help to replace more
propietory software.

> All these stuffs (Perl, Tcl, Python) are more home on Unix than MSWin,

> Cheers (Oh sure: Viele Gruesse aus Minnesota/USA).
Thanks, I was nearby last year. In Milwaukee.

[Short excursion into German soccer:]

> Did Osnabrueck finally make it to the Erste Fussball Bundesliga?
No way, they are third division and still struggeling to get back in
the second.

> Ich bin so lange weg vom Deutschland und habe keine Ahnung mehr.
> Spielen Gerd Muehler und Franz Beckenbauer immer noch fuer Bayern
> Muenchen?
Nein, schon sehr lange nicht mehr. Beckenbauer war zwischendurch
erfolgreich Nationaltrainer und sitzt bei Bayern München im

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