Real Problems with Python

François Pinard pinard at
Wed Feb 16 13:53:23 EST 2000

"Tim Peters" <tim_one at> écrit:

> I suspect that, like me, you're not doing any GUI programming in
> Python yet.

But I much leer in that direction, should I confess. :-)

> The press for fancier lambdas and lexical closures is much stronger from
> people who do [...]

I've begun to see that lambda's are an attractive pole, indeed.  Yet,
lambdas returning None, and called only for side-effects, are against some
good taste.  I wonder which part of me will win over the other, but there
is some discomfort.  Python would help me much better at picking the best
solution, if only it was not offering lambdas :-).

As for lexical closures, you probably mean packaging widgets into classes?
This looks sterling to me!  But given you add:

> they want to attach small & simple procedures to oodles & oodles of
> widgets (your "common and frequent" indeed), and out-of-line class
> solutions are legitimately viewed as clumsier and more obscure.

I have the impression I did not understand what you meant by lexical

François Pinard

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