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Wed Feb 23 19:35:25 CET 2000

On 23-Feb-00 David Smith wrote:
 >  and it still can't find fibo.  There wasn't a PYTHONPATH environment
 >  variable, so I set it locally:
 >      os.environ['PYTHONPATH'] = r'.;C:\David;C:\Program Files\Python\Lib'
 >  and that didn't work.  I have found two ways to get Python to find my
 >  module.  One is to put the module directly into C:\Program
 >  Files\Python\Lib, but that is pretty sick.  The other is to modify
 >  Idle's shortcut to have it start up in C:\David.  But what if I or
 >  someone else wanted to work in a different directory?

I thought you were supposed to do

import sys
import yourmodule

At least that's what I do on Unix.


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