Multiple copies being sent via UDP?

lizzie lizzie at
Thu Feb 17 17:37:11 CET 2000



I've got a nifty issue which someone might be able to shed some light
on.  I'm running on an NT machine, Python 1.5.2.  Each time I send a UDP
packet, it actually appears on the network multiple times (used
NetworkSpy to sniff)

Debugging information shows that for each time the code is called, 4 UDP
packets are sent - it first sends 1, and then milliseconds later sends 3
at the same time.  (If it's any help, this isn't happening with TCP)

While this is not a tragedy, it is stuffing the network with more info
than I want.  Does anyone have any ideas?

---code snippet---

 def SendUDP(self, ip, msg):
      UDPSocket = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_DGRAM)
      UDPSocket.sendto(msg, (ip, PORT))
      if DEBUG:
        print 'sending UDP', msg,'to', ip, 'of length', len(msg)
    except SendUDPFailure:
      print 'Failed to send', msg, 'to', ip, 'via UDP'


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