MetaKit for python (Mk4py) on Macintosh ... no way :(

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Mon Feb 28 08:02:32 EST 2000

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Arnaud Fontaine  <arnaud at> wrote:
>Hi all !
>Maybe u know about MetaKit, a way to store objects using a relational 
>model in tcl, C++, python, etc ...
For some people, MetaKit's model specifically is
*not* the relational one.  My guess is that
you're simply focusing attention on a particular
aspect of "relationalness".  While you certainly
have that freedom, progress in the domain of
small/embedded/... data managers is sufficiently
rapid that you're probably going to need to give
more details before readers conclude, "Ah!
*That*'s his point."
>It's not all that good (not a real strong multi-users ORDBMS) but, in 
>some cases, it's really nice and provides features I haven't found yet 
>in the various python way to persistence.
>Fine ... if I was able to use it with python on my Mac :(
		[description of
		situation that's
		about Python and
		the MacOS, and
		not specific to
>PS: And if u know anything similar (means using a relational model) to 
>store objects ... please tell me !

While my current connections to the MacOS world
are tenuous, I believe there are a growing mul-
titude of possibilities.  It'll help to specify
your interest more precisely; I don't think there
are cheap answers in this domain.  Do you care
about multi-user operation?  What do you mean by
object-relational?  What are your scale and
performance requirements?  In what way does Gad-
fly, for example, not meet your needs (assuming
that the versioning situation blocks you from
using MetaKit)?

If you're lucky, Gordon will jump in and shine
light all around.

Cameron Laird <claird at>

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