functional programming

Moshe Zadka moshez at
Thu Feb 24 02:06:41 EST 2000

On 23 Feb 2000, Aahz Maruch wrote:

> >> <blink><blink>  What do you call this:
<recursive inefficienct version of fibonacci>

[I said]
> >Um.....the most inefficienct version of fibonacci I've ever seen?

> Well, sure, but it meets your definition of functional programming.  You
> claimed that functional programming is impossible in Python; I've
> provided a counter-example.  Do you now retract your claim?

Assuming we're still in "search of truth" mode, rather then "proving I'm
right" mode, I want to clarify my claim: *efficienct* functional
programming is, in general, impossible without tail-recursion. I don't
agree with the timbot that tail-recursion is contrary to the "Python Way",
but it's not in Python right now, anyway.

Are we in agreement now?
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