will python 3000 break my code?

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Thu Feb 10 19:22:22 CET 2000

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>> Michal Wallace <sabren at manifestation.com> wrote:
>>>Anyone know what, specifically, will not be compatible, and compared to
>>>what? :)
>> Nope.  I get the feeling that it will be similar to moving from Perl 4
>> to Perl 5.
>E-gads.  I _fear_ for that particular comparison :)
>(Perl's 'object system' introduced in Perl5 is one of the
> things that made me switch to Python! :)

Well, I wasn't talking about the relative degree of improvements made in
moving from one major version to another.  My point was that most basic
functionality should remain the same (or close enough that simple
scripts will continue to run correctly), but that anyone exploiting
quirks of the language will almost certainly face problems.
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