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Christian Tismer tismer at
Wed Feb 9 11:03:14 EST 2000

Here's the sinner who did this :-)

Michael Hudson wrote:
> Armin Steinhoff <Armin at> writes:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > is somone using the stackless Python implementation ?
> > Are there any information about HOW-TO-USE it ???
> Using it ... no not really. But I've played with it quite a lot.
> Besides, there isn't much to "use", it works very much like vanilla
> Python, at least until you type
> import continuation
> :-)

At the moment, there are two lousy example python files
which actually use it to implement coroutines and generators.
I will have to learn more about this myself, since this
is still a closed book for me.

> > BTW ... we are using Python under the RTOS QNX 4.25 ...
> Ah. Don't know anything about QNX, but judging from my experience of
> getting it working on linux, you have to bully the files about a bit
> to get them to compile. Christian, bless his soul, does go and use
> windows for his development platform, and MS Visual C++'s
> interpretation of the ANSI C standard is "interesting". Adjusting the
> source to sufficient compliance isn't that hard, but I can probably
> send you some patches to do it, if you like.

Shame on me (*blush*), yes I did so and also claimed that
I do no Unix support at the moment (not since I don't want to
but just since I got no time). Michael, if you have a working
patch, please forward it to me. I'm going to do a major
cleanup, check against the current CVS again (I already
missed a patch), and I'm going to do quite a lot of redesign:

Frame compatibility will be much more complete, after I understood
how different nested interpreter must work. I can remove almost
all of that crap now. The paradigm "do not store state on the
stack" will change to "don't care about the stack". This is
possible upto a few restrictions about which frame can
finish its interpreter.

Will have to change the documentation, and I will try to
present something on the next OS conference in Montery.
This time I will not bore people with implementation
and continuation gibberish, but present real applications.
If somebody has something to show, please let me know.

ciao - chris.clueless.implementor

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