Python misconceptions in IBM Ruby article...

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Fri Feb 18 13:28:52 EST 2000

On Fri, 18 Feb 2000 see_plus_plus at wrote:

> This is just a display that you haven't mastered C++.

You can tell that to my boss, who pays me to write C++.

> In your C++ code sample, you on purpose introduced two variables integer
> i. The one is the  private data member, and the other is the formal
> parameter of function member foo. 

Yes. And it's legal C++, and very common too: consider

class Foo {
	char data;
	Foo(char data) {this->data = data; }

> Just because of that you need to use
> 'this' to be explicit.

Exactly. Python requires you always to be explicit. 

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