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Gerrit Holl gerrit.holl at pobox.com
Fri Feb 18 17:00:21 EST 2000

ndev42 at yahoo.com wrote on 950875745:
> > I would like pro and cons for the different GUI's
> I would like to add:
> Is there any GUI toolkit that supports the following
> requirements?
> - As portable as Python.
> - Does not need ANY extra library to compile, i.e. knows
>   how to talk to the underlying windowing library underneath,
>   whether it is X11, Motif, Windows or Mac.

This does not exist.

> - Clean design, if possible OO.

All GUI's have this feature, As Far As I Saw So Far.

> - Easy to use, to learn, and well-documented.

wxPython and PyQT are best documented. gnome-python is worst
documented, so far ;)

> - Free software license.

PyQT doesn't have this one - the rest has.

> - Offers the standard widget toolkit plus some fancy stuff
>   like grids or plots.

wxPython, PyQT or PyGTK.

> ...
> Basically, this is (almost) Tcl/Tk. The only problem I have
> with Tkinter is that it is truly Python/Tkinter/Tcl/Tk, which
> means a whole bunch of software to install before you
> actually can get a single widget on screen.

On Windows, this is needed for every GUI. On Linux, GTK and QT are
most likely already installed.

> What happened to Rivet??

I haven't seen Rivet yet. Nor I've looked at STDWIN yet.

> Other GUI toolkits are all more or less depending on lower-level
> libraries, which make it impossible to distribute a GUI without
> requesting the customer to download and install many other
> libraries.

Not true: most GUI's has a license which permits you to include it
in your product.

> Sometimes versions don't match, it becomes a nightmare
> to export any GUI. Talk about portability: it is Ok to say
> that wxPython is portable, but since the underlying code is not
> truly the easiest thing to export for the moment, I find it
> somewhat hard to declare it "portable" in that respect.
> If there is any project of an OO GUI linking Python through
> C-bindings to Motif, X11, Windows and Mac base windowing
> libraries, I'd like to hear about it. This has been done for
> Tk, why not doing it again for Python?

Interesting point.


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