Python binaries as zip archive

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Fri Feb 11 21:06:20 EST 2000


     It's an EXE but it extracts even if you don't have privileges.  It's
version 1.5.1.

    Hope this helps,
        Patrick Mullhaupt

J.C.Travers wrote in message <38A455B2.EEBFE3C7 at>...
>Is there anywhere I can download binaries for WinNT as a zip archive
>other than a self-extracting one. This is really anoying me. I need
>python on my user area at uni, but haven't got privaleges to extract the
>self-extracting archive. At the moment I'm using python1.4b3 as it has
>so far been the only winNT binaries I have found in a zip file.
>John Travers

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