Which GUI?

Joel Lucsy jjlucsy at concentric.net
Wed Feb 23 11:40:58 EST 2000

Just so you're aware, I'm writing by hand my own wrapper around FLTK.
Currently I'm just exposing the classes I need to get my project completed,
but I should have a considerable amount finished fairly soon. My
implementation is subclassable, but does have a few snags at the present. If
you're interested, let me know. I'm currently doing this under Win2K/MSVC6.

 - Joel Lucsy (jjlucsy at concentric.net)

"Kevin Dahlhausen" <morse at harborcom.net> wrote in message
news:38b3df23.76266295 at news.oh.verio.com...
> Fast-Light Toolkit meets these.  As pointed out, the wrapper doesn't allow
> to subclass arbritary widgets yet.  The grid widget is an add-on, and the
> wrapper for it is started but not complete.   The Python wrappers are over
> http://fltk.netpedia.net

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