Pythonwin (Version 2 beta 3)

Thilo Ernst te at
Fri Feb 25 13:00:20 CET 2000

>   When printing a python source file using pythonwin (I like the
> shades of grey) it prints out all but the last page.

Same here. (win32all-128 on WinNT4sp4).  To be exact, if the script
is short enough to fit on one page, that page _is_  printed.

Another workaround is to add some sixty or so newlines at the end of the file
before printing it. Somewhat tasteless, but easy: hold down the Enter
key for about three seconds.

(Ah, now I get it. This bug really is a feature.  It encourages good
one-class-per-file style. Think about it - bad "multipage behaviour" is
punished in a _very_ adequate way. We simply need it. At least
until a 60 lines-limit makes it  into the language so longer scripts
get rejected by the parser :-)

- Thilo

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