ruby AND python

Fredrik Lundh effbot at
Fri Feb 11 07:56:54 CET 2000

Robert Hicks <rhicks at> wrote:
> I just read an interesting article about how the Ruby language is gaining
> popularity (specially in Japan). I found it interesting because it had a
> direct comparison (several times) with Python. How will this language
> Python? Will it drive quality and innovation? I hope so! What do you

other recent threads have touched upon this subject;
my 2 ”re is while that the article was flawed, ruby it-
self appears to be (yet another) good language.  like
rebol, lua, dylan, squeak, scheme, etc, etc.

most real differences between ruby and python appears
to be differences between the current implementations,
though.  CPython 1.5.2 isn't the only implementation
out there, you know...

> Note: I think Python is a great langauge so do not take the remarks above
> mean that I think that the language is lacking in quality. I intend to be
> Python programmer for a long long time yet!

same here! ;-)


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