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Fri Feb 11 01:04:54 CET 2000

comp.lang.python.whitespace ?

only-half-joking'ly y'rs

Gene Chiaramonte wrote:

> Please stop the madness! I can't take it anymore.
> Can the admins of this list please setup another newsgroup for posts
> regarding python language opinions? Lets keep this list for people who need
> help USING PYTHON to solve real problems. There is a great group here and
> they have helped me tremendously in getting up to speed with python. The
> support here is great and much better than any commercial support I have
> ever received. I worry that the constantly increasing number of off topic
> opinion type posts here has gone above a reasonable threshold.
> Better yet - If you don't like Python, don't use it. There a plenty of other
> languages that have a delimited block structure. Go use C or C++, use Delphi
> and type Begin...End 100 times day. Use VB if that's your thing. But leave
> Python alone.
> Enough already! If it's not a Python question, don't waste your time sending
> it in the first place.
> Thanks,
> Gene
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