catching X client kills in Tkinter

Timothy Docker timd at
Tue Feb 22 23:40:59 CET 2000

Is it possible to catch the failure of a Tkinter based application
when the server connection is closed (ie under X11 and unix). For
example in the script below, if I push the button, or click on the
window manager close button, "Done" is printed as expected....

from Tkinter import *

def done(): x.quit()
x = Button(text="Quit",command=done)

    print "Done"

On the other hand, if the X server exits, or I do an xkill, then the
following message is printed

   X connection to :0.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown). 

I'd like to do some cleaning up before exiting - is there any way to
do this? 

Thanks for any tips!

Tim Docker                               timd at

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