mxDateTime and MySQLdb on RedHat 6.1

Robert W. Bill rbill at
Thu Feb 17 20:54:34 EST 2000

>Thomas Leen wrote:
>I as well, and from the looks of it this type of problem has gone
>unanswered since late '99. Anybody been able to use mysql/python on
>redhat 6.1? Trying to do some cgi stuff myself and while Perl calls to
>me, I resist, but cant hold on forever.

I replied to Lenny's original post, but the "unanswered since late 99" 
in your post worries me.  I do use MySQLdb with RedHat6.1 and Python
successfully.  If you could give me some more info, I'm sure this can
be corrected before you have to use that hArSh 4-letter word again :)

If installing the earlier mentioned 'python-devel.1.5.2-??.rpm doesn't fix
it, please send the output of 'rpm -qa | grep -i python' and the MySQLdb
version number.  If it is using the module that is troublesome, I can
send you examples that will get you going- just ask.

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