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Fri Feb 25 17:05:39 CET 2000

Warren Postma:
 |> Now is there a way to put these color settings in an ".idlerc" of sorts so
 |> they're kept from version to version without hacking any source?
 |How about checking your working (and home directory for unix} for an
 |"" on Unix and if so, run it.

Sounds good, but IDLE doesn't support it.

 |Problem with .idlerc is it's very Unix-ish and wouldn't fit in on Win32,
 |whereas an INI file or Registry is very Windows-ish and not very Unix.

True, though NT has homedirs for users I believe, on MSWin FAT FS (and VFAT
too IIRC) can't handle files beginnning with dot.

 |Compromise? :-)

Hmm.  Well, maybe we don't need too.  IDLE is a Tk app, right?  Why not use
the Tk mechanisms for specifying resources?  On UNIX, that translates into
.Xdefaults.  On MSWin, that's tk.tcl file (according to Brent Welch in his
Tcl/Tk book).  The difference is abstracted by Tk and the app code is the

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