Which GUI?

Vetle Roeim vetler at ifi.uio.no
Wed Feb 23 08:29:35 EST 2000

on 2000-02-23, Gerrit Holl wrote:

> <quote name="Vetle Roeim" date="951257141">
> > * Gerrit Holl
> > > * Tkinter is built on Tcl/Tk, but because the bridge between
> > >   Tkinter and Tcl/Tk is too large, Tkinter needs to provide their
> > >   own documentation and advantages.
> > 
> > It has already been mentioned in another posting that Tkinter in fact
> > does *not* depend on Tcl. (It was Fredrik Lundh in
> > <url:news:Lies4.194$y3.183710720 at newsb.telia.net> ).
> Even worse.
> Tkinter needs to provide their own documentation 

this is actually wrong. I use the Tcl/Tk documentation all the time when
I'm using Tkinter. no problem.

> and advantages, while wxWindows or QT already has lots of
> documentation, that not need to be copied into wxPython and PyQT. 

wxPython and pyQt are not as portable as Tkinter.

> I repeat:
>     Tkinter reinvents the wheel.
>     WxPython uses existing code.
> Tell me, what's more OO?

Tkinter does NOT reinvent the wheel. I can't understand where this comes

Tkinter uses existing code! It is not base directly on libX11!


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