nested functions

Tim Peters tim_one at
Sat Feb 26 07:29:59 CET 2000

[Tim, sketches what happens at runtime when building a function object]

[François Pinard]
> It looks more powerful than I imagined!  Isn't this one more step towards
> lexical closures? :-)

Well, Python *already* has closures.  They're just more like the Java inner
class flavor than the Scheme flavor:  explicit importation of objects across
scope boundaries, instead of implicit importation of names across scope
boundaries.  Python's flavor is actually *nice* "in the large" because it
makes the boundary leaks explicit.  Ir's "in the small" that it sucks by

> Thanks for educating me, and sharing this fine information with us.

An answer can only aspire to being but a pale reflection of the glory of the
question, so thank *you* for the opportunity to fall short once again

the-joy-is-in-striving-ly y'rs  - tim

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