eqiv of perl's CGI.pm?

Michael Ströder michael.stroeder at inka.de
Tue Feb 22 05:25:05 EST 2000

Patrick Phalen wrote:
> :: Have a look at http://sites.inka.de/ms/python/pylib/. If you're
> :: interested in using that drop me a note and I will package a newer
> :: version with demo script.
> Well, I'm certainly interested; I was getting ready to write something
> quite similar this week ... so thank you!

I updated cgiforms.py and uploaded test-cgiforms.py as a demo on: 


License: GPL

> I'm afraid I may need to invest in a German/English dictionary, however.
> ;)

Sorry, due to workload I can't translate the texts and comments in a
reasonable time frame. This module wasn't meant to be released to
the public in the first place.

- Unlike cgi.py this module does only handle input data of type 
- Unlike cgi.py (and older cgiforms.py versions) this module
  should now be thread-safe if you set the parameters for
- I don't care if future releases of this module breaks your code.

Ciao, Michael.

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