morsaeall: morse-code terminal emulater in python

pehr anderson pehr at
Thu Feb 17 08:24:47 CET 2000

Dear Pythonistas,

Morseall-0.1.1 is the latest in minimal user-interface design,
It gives you access to a one-button shell. Ever wanted to 
control your computer with a single switch?  
Relax! Now you can with this handy pygnome app.  

If you knows somebody who has trouble using
a normal keyboard, this might be just the ticket.
I'm looking for testers and real-world feature requests

This started out as a computer interface for
a quadrapelegic individual. If things go well,
it could make a sweet inerface for a wearable
with a heads-up display. Or use it at work until your 
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome goes away!

The primary code drives the gnome zvt widget
and gives you a really high quality shell.
I also include earlier code which does as much as I could with Tkinter.
(too bad tk doesn't have a great terminal emulator widget.)

I'd like to extend this to work with the ncurses library,
but I'm not up-to-speed on python extension modules.
The current ncurses code doesn't have bindings for mouse calls.
(left mouse button = morse code key).

Let me know what you think! And share it with anybody who
needs a more accessable desktop interface.


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