Plugs and connections via python scripting!

Sunil Hadap Sunil.Hadap at
Tue Feb 1 07:36:46 EST 2000

I am attempting a first draft design of my 3d animation system. It
will have python as embedded language.

Engines are powerful features of modern animation systems. The
attributes of graphical objects can be wired to script a complex
behavior, hence the animation. User can connect the plugs (the object
attributes) using connections (visually or using embedded scripting

To elaborate, consider cubeOne and ballOne, the two graphics objects.

cube cubeOne                   ball ballOne
{                              {
   length                          radius
   height                          color { x, y, z }
}                              }

one should be able to make ballOne's color change as cubeOne moves by

connect cubeOne.length ballOne.color.x
connect cubeOne.height ballOne.color.y
connect cubeOne.width  ballOne.color.z


I am new to python as well as to "Design Patterns". How I can
implement this in python! Are there any language specific features I
can utilize. The above illustration is only schematic. What I want to
achieve is when I query ballOne.color, while drawing it, the
connection to ballOne.color should be automatically evaluated to
update value of ballOne.color depending on position of cubeOne.

Thank you very much for your inputs. If this is off topic kindly email
me directly.

"Live as if you would die tomorrow,
learn as if you would live forever." 
                    --Mahatma Gandhi

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