Life's better without braces

Gerrit Holl gerrit.holl at
Mon Feb 21 21:11:45 CET 2000

Hello all,

I have a problem. In my Python enthuishasm, I ripped off the braces
from my keyboard because I thought I didn't need them.
Unfortunately, I have a problem now. I can't create dictionairies any
more! And because braces aren't the only keys on the brace key,
I can't create lists either. The solution for the latter is list(()),
but how do I create an empty dictionairy without braces?

I know I can do:
>>> import os
>>> for k in d.keys():
...     del d[k]
>>> d

But is there a more efficient way to do it? Does the 'new' modules has
something I want? 


If I'll rip off the ';' too, I won't be able to type blocks any more,
since I won't be able to type a ':' either. Hmm, is it safe to rip
off the '$'? I don't need a '4'!


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