A = X > Y ? X : Y

Stidolph, David stidolph at origin.ea.com
Wed Feb 9 17:57:12 CET 2000

I would think that this would be better because it eliminates a local
variable assignment.

def iif( condition, first, second ):
  if condition:
    return first
    return second

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Curtis Jensen wrote in message <38A0BD01.9586107B at be-research.ucsd.edu>...
>I fear that this question has already been asked, but is there and
>equivalant one line command that is equivalant to the C command:
>a = x > y ? x : y

I know there's been a couple replies to this... but why not do something
VB's (or at least VBA's - not sure if VB proper has it) "immediate If"

def iif( condition, first, second ):
    result = second
    if condition:
        result = first
    return result

then it's:

a = iif( a > y, x, y )



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