What is the correct way to install PIL on Windows

Tonetheman agcolstonNOagSPAM at buckman.com.invalid
Fri Feb 18 00:22:43 EST 2000

I downloaded a precompiled version of PIL for Python 1.52 from
Pythonware (I think) and I unzipped it. I am very new to using
python so be kind if possible.

After a while I figured out that I needed to move the
_imaging.dll to the DLLS directory. I knew that I needed to
create a PIL diretory somewhere.

After hacking around a while I found a registry key and added
the pil directory to the system path. Now when I go into python
and type
import sys
print sys.path
it includes the PIL directory. Everything seems to work fine.

My question is what is the correct way to install the package?
Should I have just used PYTHONPATH? There was another strange
file in the zipped up distribution called pil.pth. Is this file
supposed to be placed somewhere and that will somehow tell
python where everything is at? If so did I just miss it in the

Any ideas?
Thanks ahead of time.

Tony Colston

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