[Python-checkins] CVS: python/dist/src/Lib string.py,1.46,1.47

Fredrik Lundh effbot at telia.com
Tue Feb 22 22:30:24 CET 2000

Gerrit Holl <gerrit.holl at pobox.com> wrote:
> > -- python 1.6 will have *two* different string types.
> >
> > -- python 1.6 will have lots of sequence types (at
> >    least one more than 1.5.2!)
> If types will eventually be classes, I think it would not be hard to
> add one method to all SequenceTypes.

bzzt.  how the heck do *you* know if any given class
in *my* program is used as a sequence?

or did you mean that *I* have to do that?

    "btw, now that you've installed 1.7, your old sequence
    classes no longer work.  you have to make sure they all
    inherit from AbstractSequence.  if you're using old C
    types, you're SOL"



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