Killer Apps???

Fred Pacquier fredp at
Fri Feb 18 13:53:35 CET 2000

insanik at (Nick Henderson) said :

>I am new to the world of programming and python.  I know Zope is super
>cool and is python's "killer app."
>I was wondering if there were any other such killer apps?
>Thanks, Nick Henderson

An impressive one, that first sold me on the power of Python, was the 
Web groupware app BSCW ( It was definitely way ahead of its 
time as far back as 1996, and I have yet to see anything approaching its 
functionality/ease of use ratio in the open source world of today (yes, 
Zope does more, but Zope is hard :-).
Interestingly, BSCW started out as open source before it got trendy, and 
went against the times by going commercial in 1998...


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