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William Tanksley wtanksle at
Tue Feb 15 15:00:00 EST 2000

On Mon, 14 Feb 2000 18:38:07 GMT, HelloAgain wrote:
>Michael Hudson wrote:
>> grant at nowhere. (Grant Edwards) writes:
>> > Forget it wrote:
>> > >You people are funny here, all excited about Python.
>> > >Following one guy's recommendation, for two days already I'm looking at
>> > >Python as a potential plug-in language, and it DISGUSTS me.
>> > [...]

>> > That's one of the lamest, most transparent flame-bait postings
>> > I've seen in a long time.

>I'm curious (although not excessively so) why do you people all think
>that was a flame bait? Why couldn't it simply be a harmless opinion,
>along with a few questions (to which I got a pretty good response,
>thanks again to everyone who have contributed)?

Eh?  You honestly don't think that it was a flame-bait?  That's almost

>Isn't that a bit creepy that so many people want to isolate themselves
>from anything, about which they're not sure ahead of time that it'll
>agree with their preferences? Here: it's been *four* days now that I'm
>looking at it, and still I think Python is an ugly language.

Yes, I agree this it's a strange fact about people.  Probably not about
the people you were expecting, though -- you left yourself wide open for
that one.  :-)

>That's trolling by your book?


>Well, you better put it in the FAQ that you don't
>want anyone disrupt your Pythonic mutual-masturbation idyll here.

Now _that_'s trolling.

>profession attracts more than its share of narrow-minded, low-brow,
>humourless yet exceedingly self-confident cretins. (Or is it only the
>case with Python "specialists", hmmmmm ?)

Pretty much so.  Tim keeps on killing people who disagree with him. Please
save us from him by posting more messages in which mindless abuse is
mistaken for humor!

-William "Billy" Tanksley, in hoc signo hack

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