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Mon Feb 7 09:50:05 EST 2000

Joshua Macy wrote on 949894817:
> Patrick K Moorman wrote:
> > 
> > Thanks to everyone who answered my last question, it is good reminder that
> > computers do *ONLY* what they are told.  I am trying to write a little
> > script that will rename files in multiple directories.  What am a looking
> > for is a way to take each item returned by os.listdir() and test to see if
> > it is a file or a directory.  I have gone through the lib reference but I
> > did not see anything that would work.  I know very little about programing
> > or Pyhton (if you haven't guess yet)  and I am learning by doing.  Or not
> > doing as the case is right now :)
> os.isdir(path) will return true for a directory, and os.isfile(path)
> will return true for a regular file.

os.path.isdir and os.path.isfile
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