SmallTalk / Lisp [was Re: Whitespace as syntax ...]

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Thu Feb 10 09:45:58 EST 2000

Bijan, Paul -

Come on guys, this is actually a pretty common pattern:

Some pioneering sould come up with a way of doing 
something that is enormously advanced over the current state.

Most people can't wrap their brains around it - it's "weird".

Time passes, and concepts stolen from the pioneering 
solution get introduced in baby steps.

By the time the consensus state has reached the point that 
most people *could* wrap their brains around the pioneering 
solution, it is considered *old* and *out of date*, (the first 
being true, the second may well be false).

It is very, very rare for a pioneering solution to ever make it in 
the real world. Heck, the notion that Columbus "discovered" 
America is wrong at least 3 times.

Viking-longboat-found-in-Sea-of-Galilea-ly y'rs

- Gordon

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