Which GUI?

William Tanksley wtanksle at hawking.armored.net
Sun Feb 27 00:38:03 CET 2000

On Wed, 23 Feb 2000 18:13:54 +0100 (MET), Vetle Roeim wrote:
>on 2000-02-23, Gerrit Holl wrote:

>> > wxPython and pyQt are not as portable as Tkinter.

>> Please give an example!

>well.. I'm only repeating what I've read previously in this thread.
>I believe Qt is not available for Windows without paying money, and I'm
>not sure what platforms Qt and wxWindows (or whatever it's called) is
>available on.

I'm not sure that "portable" should be equated to "has been ported".
wxWindows is practically a baby, but it's already been ported to a huge
number of platforms.  Check out the list at its website.

>gooey-schmooey-let's-all-use-curses-ly y'rs, vr

Oh, one of the wxWindows supported platforms is -- are you ready for this
-- Curses.

I think that should end the entire debate right there.

-William "Billy" Tanksley, in hoc signo hack

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