Tkinter vs. wxPython (was: Which GUI?)

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Fri Feb 25 00:40:38 CET 2000

Now that Guido has some sanity back into this conversation I finally feel
free to join in...

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> Limiting the debate for now to Tkinter vs. wxPython, I see arguments
> on both sides.
> Arguments for Tkinter:


> - It has a superior canvas widget, which supports an object-oriented
> drawing model directly; it even draws splines!

wxPython can do splines too, in any class derived from wxDC.  Though of
course this means that you have to draw it yourself in a paint event handler,
instead of fire-and-forget like Tkinter's canvas.  However that will probably
be changing in the future.  (Yes, I am dropping a hint...)


> Arguments against [wxPython] (from very limited exposure):
> - Because it's implemented using SWIG, it is potentially less robust
> in the face of buggy user code; it's possible to do things that simply
> hang or crash the program rather than causing a traceback.  This is
> very rare in Tkinter.

Yep.  I'm looking into a couple ideas that should help in this area...

> - Much more simple-minded text widget (but Scintilla is coming?).

Yes.  It's nearly done.  If I don't have too many distractions then I hope to
release it in 2-3 weeks time.


> - Are there any books out yet?

Not yet, but this is something else I hope to change in the not so distant

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