Which GUI?

J.C.Travers J.C.Travers at durham.ac.uk
Fri Feb 18 14:47:57 CET 2000

ndev42 at yahoo.com wrote:

> - Does not need ANY extra library to compile, i.e. knows
>   how to talk to the underlying windowing library underneath,
>   whether it is X11, Motif, Windows or Mac.
> - Clean design, if possible OO.

> - Offers the standard widget toolkit plus some fancy stuff
>   like grids or plots.
> ...
> Basically, this is (almost) Tcl/Tk. 
Sorry, I don't think I understand. Having to install Tk/Tcl before you
can use Tkinter doesn't constitute having an extra library to install??
Hmmm. Installing Tk for me is no different (if not slightly more
complicated) than installing the fundamental wx or Qt stuff.

And I can't see how Tk/Tcl has a clear design. It seems to be a load of
wrappers built on top of each other.

And as for fancy stuff in Tkinter... that rerquires a whole new module
(PMW) to be installed.

Not wanting to take this too far, but it seems as if there are a few
misconceptions hanging around here.


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