Python and Samba

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Fri Feb 11 04:50:27 EST 2000

Aahz Maruch <aahz at> wrote:
 : In article <38A33CA3.CD301863 at>,
 : Stein M. Eliassen <steinme at> wrote:
 :>I wonder if there is a way to use samba services from python?
 :>What I would like to do is browse shares from Python code.
 :>Now I have to mount the share in a script before running the my python

 : Hmmmm...  I'm doing some WAGing here, but it seems to me that the
 : fundamental problem is that you really need to have a UNC and/or Win32
 : environment in order to browse Samba shares.  If you were running Python
 : on NT, this wouldn't be an issue, I think.  So the fundamental problem
 : isn't a Samba library per se, but the SMB client for Unix.

there is a smbclient for unix (and if I am not mistaken, a library too, 
in this case you pobably can SWIG a module....), you have to parse
smbclient's output... not difficult, just a bit boring.

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