File size limitations

Bjorn Pettersen bjorn at
Fri Feb 4 00:10:07 CET 2000

I'm pretty sure Python uses the fseek/lseek etc. functions for file IO.  It
would be trivial to create an extension module with Swig
( if you knew which calls you needed to make assuming
you used floating point numbers for communicating between the languages.
Python long integer to __int64 etc. is of course possible, but requires
some actual coding.

-- bjorn

gmc333 at wrote:

> I'd like to use Python for some large-scale file processing on Windows
> NT. There is a possibility that the size of the files I'll be working
> with will exceed 2^32 bytes.
> Can Python handle files that large? Random I/O is a specific concern,
> since an implementation based on fseek/lseek system calls will fail
> (these calls use 32-bit math, and bad things can happen with seeks that
> go too far).
> Thanks!
> Greg
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