Tkinter and OpenGL

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>Is it possible to use OpenGL with Tkinter and Pmw, any

Yes, using Tkinter with OpenGL is possible.  Check out David
Aschner's PyOpenGL at:

With it, you can create an Tkinter OpenGL widget that you can
draw into.  I have used Pmw with an application that used
PyOpenGL, but did not interface the two directly (didn't need
to).  No reason you couldn't, though.  The widget is very clean
and straightforward.

>Other option is FLTK but at a first glance pyFLTK is not
matured. What
>about python with wxWindows or Qt and it's support for OpenGL.

I believe there are bindings for GTK+, and wxWindows.  I am not
sure about Qt.  I couldn't get GTK+ or wxWindows to compile
properly with the OpenGL extensions, however.  (I know, personal
problem ;-) ).  I have had some success with the Fox toolkit and
FXPy.  It has some useful widgets, an interesting message
passing mechanism, and looks better than Tk (IMHO).
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