BSDDB copyright and licensing restrictions while in use viaPython

Fredrik Lundh effbot at
Mon Feb 14 11:22:26 EST 2000

Oleg Broytmann <phd at> wrote:
> > if you prefer to use free and IMHO better data-
> > base engines, check out metakit (
> > or gadfly (
>    Any information on what ways these are "better" than Berkeley DB? Any
> pointers, at least?

humbly speaking:

metakit: fast, efficient, small, highly portable,
great python interface, and free.

gadfly: mostly python, real query language,
great python interface, and free.

which one to pick depends on the application,
but I strongly doubt that there's any kind of
application for which bsddb 1.85 comes out
on top.


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