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Wed Feb 23 09:35:26 EST 2000

<quote name="Remco Gerlich" date="951294162">
> Michal Wallace (sabren) wrote in comp.lang.python:
> > I guess my original question had to do with what functional
> > programming looks like in the wild, and what it might look like in
> > python. Aahz posted a recursive version of a fib() routine. Is this
> > not what you'd want? What would fib() look like in one of the
> > functional languages you're used to?
> Michael Hudson posted this little bit of Haskell last week:
> fib = 1 : 1 : [ a+b | (a,b) <- zip fib (tail fib) ]
> I can't translate that to anything resembling Python at all. I don't
> know if list comprehensions in Python will be/are this powerful.

Well, you can just write a class doing it.

# pseudo-code
def fib(...):

class Fibonacci:
    def __getslice__(self, start, stop):
        return fib(start, stop)

    def __getitem__(self, item):
        return fib(0, item)



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