switch to JPython

Jim Althoff jima at aspectdv.com
Thu Feb 3 18:59:26 CET 2000

We have a growing development group that does
all application development in JPython.  We take
extensive advantage of Java API's'.  Our user
interfaces, for example, are all Swing-based and
coded in such a way that they run either standalone
or as applets.  We get tremendous leverage from
using the Java API's.  And I believe that our
productivity in using JPython instead of pure
Java for the ap.s is possibly 2x better.

Debugging tools in JPython could use some
improvement.  I have found that pdb works
to a limited extent.  pdb works fairly well
when you are doing non-GUI things.  But
if you are using Swing, as soon as you
create a JFrame and the Swing event handler
takes over, pdb breaks.  So I use a combination
of pdb (for debugging code that can be tested
without a Swing GUI running) and a combination
of the JPython interactive interpreter and print
statements for everything else.


At 02:54 PM 2/3/00 +0000, PHO Van Son wrote:
>I like Python a lot.
>For my job, I code more and more with Java. So, I am wondering if it is
>better for me to switch to Jpython.
>The problem is that AFAIK that JPython doesn't have debugger (like pdb),
>and I am now used to Tkinter, may be i have to learn swing and awt (and
>i am afraid i have enought time)
>I would like if anyone having experience in JPython giving me advice.
>PHO Van Son

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