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Jeff jam at quark.internal
Thu Feb 24 19:51:50 EST 2000

On Thu, Feb 24, 2000 at 07:46:29PM -0500, Terry Reedy wrote:
> For a couple of weeks, at least, I have been unable to access
> or pages beneath from Delaware USA, with Win98 IE5.01.
> This is the only presumed-to-be-good site that I am having problems with.
> Anyone else having a similar blockage?
> Terry J. Reedy

I am not currently having a problem reaching, nor am I
having trouble reaching your dialup host.. my guess would be a network
problem, which you should escalate to your ISP, are you about to
'traceroute' to the site? can you access other sites like or, or do you know anyone else that also has a
dialup account with udel that might be able to help you out?

hope that helps..

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