Python window.destroy()?

Jerry 2jerry at
Tue Feb 22 02:03:10 CET 2000

Hi, if you are using tkinter..
bind coming in the button widget :
def callback(event):    print "Activate pop-up menu"

bt = Button(root, text="call")
bt.bind("<Enter>", callback)
#bt.bind("<Leave>", popup.destroy) sure ???
but are you sure you want to destroy popup menu whenever you <Leave> the
Button Area ?
is it not the popup AND the button area you need to quit before killing
popup ?

Best regards, Jerry the foolish dracomorpheus.

Navneet M Shah a écrit dans le message <38B1D2EB.FE88C9DC at>...
>Can anybody help me and give me the python code for
>A window should pop up when a mouse enters the button and the same
>window should disaapear as soon as the mouse leaves the button.

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