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Vetle Roeim vetler at
Tue Feb 15 14:44:58 CET 2000

* Mikael Olofsson
> On 15-Feb-00 Andy Robinson wrote:
>  >  Years back, I subscribed to,
>  >, and  It worked really
>  >  well.  The 'advocacy' group was the place for flame wars, defending
>  >  the honor of our superior engineering solutions, and general chat.;
>  >  the 'programming' and 'software' groups had specific enough titles to
>  >  be unlikely to atrract flames.  I've suggested this split a few times
>  >  in the last five years and don't know why people want to keep it in
>  >  one group.
>  >  
>  >  But there's no point starting the official newsgroups creation
>  >  procedure if only two of us feel this way.
> I could do without the flame wars.  During the last three months the 
> number of posts have steadily increased from ~500 posts a week with very
> few inflammatory posts to ~1000 posts a week with a significant part 
> being inflammatory. The last week there were ~150 post that I consider 
> being part of flame wars (whitespace, brackets, python sucks, and 
> related). I admit, I have posted a handful of these. Of course I can 
> filter them out, but I refuse to make new filters every day just to cope 
> with digital bullshit. 
> And what if I the increase continues? I say split, maybe even to more 
> than two groups. Or perhaps, make it moderated.

as the python community grows and the number of posts increases, a
split would seem natural. I would suggest something like c.l.python,
c.l.python.moderated, c.l.python.web, c.l.python.tkinter (or perhaps
c.l.python.gui would be better).. any other suggestions?


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