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Skip Montanaro skip at
Fri Feb 18 19:19:33 CET 2000

    Gerrit> Gnu does more strange things: gatewaying all it's mailinglist to
    Gerrit> the main newsgroup hierarchy. Using Texinfo instead of
    Gerrit> Man. Using obscure mailinglist management software, but writing
    Gerrit> very well mailinglist management software their own.


Please recall that when most of these conventions were established, the net
was a far different place than it is today (for one thing, I don't think
you'd been born yet <wink>).  That there is a top-level gnu.* newsgroup
hierarchy carried by most news servers reflects GNU's relative importance in
this whole "open source" game we play.  The start of Richard Stallman's work
predates Perl and Python by at least a decade.

Mailman is still practically in its infancy, so it's understandable if all
the various GNU mailing lists don't use it yet.  Texinfo is a far more
capable documentation tool for general purpose manuals than man pages ever
could be.  Comparing the two is probably not fair.  They really solve
different problems.

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