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Mon Feb 14 13:49:46 CET 2000

On 12-Feb-00 osorronophris osorronophris wrote:
 >  I'm a die-hard C++ programmer that recently took up Python for a change of
 >  scenery and am enjoying it greatly.  The one problem I am having is that I
 >  can't break myself of the semicolon habit.  I've tried chewing gum but it
 >  just doesn't seem to work, and I'd like to avoid the patch.  Any ideas?

Assuming you have a programmable editor, set it to quit if you ever 
type ;. 

I once knew a guy who were used to UNIX. One summer he had to live in 
a DOS-environment, and he hated every minute of it. What he hated even 
more was when he got back to his UNIX home, and found himself typing 
dir all the time. OK, what did he do? He made an alias, of course. No, 
he didn't make dir mean ls, he had it mean logout. Now you guess: How 
fast did he break his habit? Fast, real fast, mind my words.

Good luck!


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