Keep comp.lang.python Friendly

David invalid.address at
Wed Feb 16 18:23:55 CET 2000

I've been reading comp.lang.python since '98.  One of the things that has
most impressed me is the spirit of community displayed here.  It is, I
feel, one of the most important Python features: a supportive,
communicative, open forum.

My perception is that the social/emotional climate in this newsgroup has
changed over the past few months.  It is becoming less friendly and more

I fully understand how difficult it is to maintain a positive attitude in
the face of unwarranted abuse -- and there has been some abusive trolling
taking place.

Please maintain the high road.  Always act friendly and helpfully, each and
every time you post.  It will require deliberately choosing your response,
consciously overriding your gut impulse -- and it will be worth that

Thanks for reading and considering what I've said, and an especial
thank-you to the 'wise old men' who have formed the backbone of this
community, openly sharing their expertise with kindness, humour and

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