Access violation in MSVCRT.DLL when attempting to use Python..

Jason Maskell backov at
Sat Feb 12 12:04:14 EST 2000

I have finally got all my code ported over to VC++, and now I seem to be
having a strange problem.. I am testing out my glue code with simple test
cases - in this case, I run this


Which sets a couple properties of that interface element. The function works
fine, decreases all the references that it needs to (I believe) and then

return PyInt_FromLong(1);

Somewhere after that return and before I get control back in C++, I get this
access violation. I traced through the code and it's in Python for a quite a
bit, then it's in MSVCRT.DLL. However, it is all in assembly so I have no
clue what is going on. Can anyone give me a quick pointer how to set up VC
so that I can trace into the python source? Do I need to link to the python
debug dll?

And really, the important question here: What's going on?


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