Porting Python to non-pc platforms

Skip Montanaro skip at mojam.com
Wed Feb 23 00:03:40 CET 2000

    Scott> Not having Python on the 400 is the only thing preventing us from
    Scott> standardizing on it here as a development language at this point.

    Scott> We don't have the C compiler either.

How about springing for the C compiler and doing the port?  There's not
really a chance to <wink> after that question.  I presume that the C
compiler for the AS/400 isn't free.  Consequently, the port is not likely to
happen in the traditional manner (person x discovers Python's not available
on his favorite platform, y, so he downloads GCC and ports it).
Consequently, the port will have to come (mostly) from the community that
uses the platform and has the bucks to spring for the compiler.

Just out of curiosity, what language have you standardized on, and on what

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