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Moshe Zadka moshez at math.huji.ac.il
Fri Feb 18 00:52:31 EST 2000

On 17 Feb 2000, Travis B. Hartwell wrote:

> 2)  I am planning using Python embedded in one of my applications --
> using C++ Builder for the GUI development and speed-critical
> portions.  For the rest, I would prefer to use Python just because I
> have become accustomed to its power.  But, I have been having a few
> road-blocks in this plan for embedded Python.  I guess I'm having a
> hard time visualizing exactly where to have the 'dividing line'
> between C++ and Python and in designing the interfaces between the
> two.  What are some general hints in designing applications using
> Python as the engine and C++ as the front-end?

Well, it sure seems to me like the wrong way around. In most applications
I've seen, it's much easier to extend Python then to embed it. That is, 
if I were you, I'd code the whole application in a bunch of Python
modules, and then take the few that are the bottleneck, and recode them
in C/C++ keeping the same interface.
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